Live casino streaming or online casino: which one to choose?

Live casinos are the last frontier of online gaming. How do you say? Does it seem counterintuitive to you to talk about live when playing online? Because maybe you don’t know that streaming casinos represent a sort of fusion between the classic land-based casinos and virtual gaming rooms, from which they collect the main characteristics.

In a live casino you will be able to see a dealer managing the game, but not a software or an automatic program: a real person. This is thanks to the live streaming, to which you will be connected via one (or more) webcams positioned in front of the dealer.

 Live casino vs online casino: the differences

But what are the differences between a live casino and an online one ? We have already talked about the most important one: in live casinos, the game is managed by a person, with whom you can also interact. And this is the second difference between live and online casinos: the ability to send messages through chat.

Imagine that you are playing live roulette and have already placed your bet. You are waiting for the other players, connected at the same time, to do the same: why not have a chat with the dealer in the meantime? Not always, but the dealer will often find time to answer you. And even if it doesn’t, you can always read other users’ comments and questions.

Another distinctive feature is that only here can you tip the dealer if you see fit. In online casinos this is of course not possible, because the game is played via software. You don’t have to, of course, but in the event of a big win it remains a nice gesture.

 Is it worth playing at live streaming casino or online casino?

A final difference between live streaming casinos and online casinos also represents an important discriminant in the choice between one and the other: the management of the pace of play .

In live casinos, it is the dealer who dictates the times, although there is usually a maximum time within which players must act. But they are inevitably longer times than the classic online casino games, which by proceeding completely automatically eliminate the expectations.

This clearly has an impact on the volume of play created and therefore on how much you can win (but also lose) playing in the casino.

 Does RTP change in streaming casinos?

If you are wondering if anything changes from a percentage point of view, the answer is no: the RTP (Return to Player) of live streaming casino games is absolutely identical to that of online casinos.

The percentage of return to the player, in fact, is not influenced by the management of the game, but by the rules of the same and by the types of bets. And in that, live and online casinos make no difference. So to summarize the main differences are:

  • Interaction with dealers
  • Interaction with other users
  • Time management of the game
  • Promotions and bonuses available

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